Joel Blandon

Joel Blandon | 2023

Bronx, NY

Azumir Medina

Azumir Medina | 2022

Pawtucket, RI

Daniel Molina Jr.

Daniel Molina Jr. | 2021

Maplewood, NJ

Matthew Tyndall

Matthew Tyndell | 2021

Bridgeport, CT

Roshawn Jacobs | 2019

Paterson, NJ

Pierre Tilus | 2019

Occoe, FL

Honore Mandiamy | 2018

Bronx, NY

Jonathan Rosario | 2018

New York, NY

Nicholas Rivera | 2017

New York, NY

Christopher Maldonado | 2017

New York, NY

Josiah Vasquez | 2016

Bronx, NY

The A Better Chance program allowed me to continue to challenging myself academically while also giving me the ability to try and experiment with new things. Little did I know that these things would become my passions at the end of my four years in Amherst. With this, the A Better Chance program directly assisted in my growth and future as a homosexual Afro-Latino today in society. (June 2016)

Parmeshwar Sasenarine | 2016

Queens, NY

Coming to Amherst A Better Chance has been a dream come true, and I am gaining a vast amount of knowledge not only in the classroom, but also in becoming more independent. Attending Amherst Regional High School has given me the confidence to demonstrate my leadership skills through being the president of Gardening in Environment Action Club, and to be a person who is not afraid to speak the truth. This house has given me the experience of a lifetime, and I am learning things I would not have at home in Queens, NYC. No longer am I another kid struggling through high school in New York, but I am now a strong, independent scholar who can strive for even the biggest of dreams. I have ABC to thank for that, and I am grateful. (June 2016)

Larenz Harris | 2015

Bronx, NY

Being in the ABC program at ARHS is great and important to me. The main reason I came here was for acting. When I grow up, I want to be an actor. That’s my main focus. I participated in the musical and other chances I get to act. I also like the variety of classes I can take such as Wood Technology, Acting, World of Dance, etc. With sports, I got the chance to try something new: cross country. It was great, and so is the track and field. Being away from home was a little hard, but over time I learned to deal with it. I don’t think I would have been able to have an experience like this in New York City.  (June 2015)

Terence Hector | 2015

Brooklyn, NY

Joining the ABC Family was a major step in the right direction for me. Though leaving my family was a challenging decision, I feel that there could have not been a better decision. Also, it was an opportunity for me to open up to a new set of people and a new environment. I have now been able to witness the differences in education for different places and I am glad to be in a place where education is on the high side of the bar. Amherst A Better Chance was an open opportunity for me to enhance the two most valuable things in my life – education and networking!!  (June 2015)

Brandon Mclean | 2014

Brooklyn, NY

To me, being an ABC scholar is very important. It gives me an incentive to work my hardest because I have so many people around me who want and believe that I can do well. As an ABC scholar I can do well. As an ABC scholar I feel that I always have someone behind me in any situation. I love it. (June 2014)

Jalen Bryant | 2014

New London, CT

Being at the ABC House with the rest of the guys and the RDs has been life-changing for me. I knew that going to a new school in a new state away from my family would not be the easiest task, but the support I have gotten from the community in Amherst has aided me in my transition. The school work here is a lot more challenging, but I am willing to take it on. I have read books and used equipment in school that I never would have back in New London, CT. My second year here is coming to an end, but I can’t wait for the rest of high school and beyond. (June 2014)

Devin Clarke | 2013

New Haven, CT

Being an Amherst ABC scholar is important to me because I like the challenging curriculum of the high school and the sports teams. I like the fact of making new friendships and maintaining old ones with my track and soccer teammates. I am excited and looking forward to my life after high school in college. (June 2013)

Najee Jones | 2012

Mt. Vernon, NY

For me personally, being an Amherst ABC scholar, it’s helped me really prepare for the next chapter in my life, which is college. I feel like A Better Chance makes you an overall better person and makes you more self-sufficient and more adult-like. When I say more adult-like, I mean you develop many skills that adults have: independence, responsibility, honesty, a hard-working attitude, and many other qualities that are beneficial. Being an ABC scholar has really been truly “A Better Chance”, and one that I can honestly say I will enjoy, love, and appreciate for the rest of my life. (June 2012)

Adem Abrham | 2010

Jamar Ross | 2010

Michael Brown | 2008

Kleaver Cruz | 2007

Walter Cruz | 2007

Tommie Lark | 2007

Christopher Espinal | 2006

Stevon Judd | 2006

Lahmar Louis | 2005

Aaron Buford | 2004

Michael Wiley | 2004

Jemail Lewis | 2003

Aaron Coleman | 2003

Ricardo Burton | 2002

Nathan Prince | 2002

David Ortiz | 2001

Emil Cunningham | 2000

Qasim Laroche | 2000

Kenneth Herrarte | 1999

Gene Rodriguez | 1998

James Pinder | 1998

Neville Hylton | 1998

Gregory Fennell | 1997

Tarik Coble | 1997

George Sierra | 1996

Roger Garay | 1996

Luis Rosario | 1995

Orville Reynolds | 1995

Moises Nunez | 1995

Derrick Franklin | 1994

Kent Dunn | 1994

Jermaine Walker | 1993

William Orama, Jr. | 1993

Fard Johnson | 1993

Burt Reynolds | 1992

Jorge Blandon | 1992

Rodrick Daley | 1991

Kenneth Clark | 1991

Herby Avellan | 1991

Ernesto Salas | 1990

Arjune Ramdas | 1990

Tracey Diggs | 1990

Harold Carter | 1990

Jose Suarez | 1989

Dagoberto Linares | 1989

Isaiah Delemar | 1989

Eustache Roundtree | 1988

Alexander Serra | 1988

Alexander Morales | 1988

Rickey Smith | 1988

Mark Weathington | 1987

Russell Tripp | 1987

Elliot Monteverde | 1987

Philip Cooke | 1987

Shawn Campbell | 1986

Geno Lightner | 1985

Danny Calderon | 1985

Victor Alexander | 1985

Alberto Villaman | 1984

Curtis Roach | 1984

Jose Penalvert | 1984

Wallace McCloud | 1984

Daniel Martinez | 1984

Timothy Thomas | 1983

Jimmy Rodriguez | 1983

Sanford Livingston, Jr. | 1983

Kevin Nicholson | 1982

Vincent Williams | 1981

David Robinson | 1981

Rosando Marcillo | 1981

Keith Hill | 1981

David Green | 1981

Jerome Yorker | 1980

Gary Mann | 1980

Michael Shaw | 1979

Anthony Cranshaw | 1979

Ramon Torres | 1978

Greg Nelson | 1978

Willis Jenkins, Jr. | 1978

Lance Dickson | 1978

Peter Baker | 1978

Anthony Baker | 1978

David Fuller | 1977

Norman Duncan | 1977

Adonis Alford | 1977

Anthony Bond | 1976

Johnny Strickland | 1975

Mark Parker | 1975

Loren Oakes | 1975

William Butler | 1975

Greg Nelson | 1975

Jawwaad Rasheed | 1974

Dennis Ortega | 1973

Donnie Morales | 1973

Sandy McLean | 1973

Perleton L. Johnson | 1973

Michael Bland | 1973

Miles Beck | 1973

Anthony Vinson | 1972

John Crum | 1972

Gerald Buffalo | 1972

Herman Wilkinson | 1971

Michael Weekes | 1971

Weismen McArthur | 1971

Robert Lloyd | 1971

William Foster | 1971

Waymond Darden | 1971

Terry Medley | 1970

Billy Hancock | 1970