Amherst A Better Chance Summer Enrichment Program


Summer is a critical time in the lives of high school students. While it is common for American teenagers to spend summers engaged in volunteer work, travel, and/or academic enrichment programs, our A Better Chance Scholars typically cannot afford to take advantage of such opportunities.  The Board of Directors is confident that the Amherst A Better Chance community of friends as well as donor organizations will join us in supporting this Summer Enrichment Program, an initiative that can be of enormous educational, social, and civic benefit to our Scholars.

Program Description

  • Amherst A Better Chance will provide funding and logistical support for each scholar to participate in onesummer enrichment program while attending Amherst Regional High School (either between sophomore and junior year or between junior and senior year).
  • Summer Enrichment Program options include:
    • Academic enrichment courses at a college (e.g., Howard University, Johns Hopkins)
    • Travel programs (may include community service projects)
    • Volunteer projects (e.g., working on a farm, voter rights projects)
    • Internships (in areas of career interests; connections made via Amherst ABC Alumni and Friends support network when possible)
  • One or two Scholars will receive funding for a board-approved enrichment program each summer.
  • Amherst A Better Chance invites donors to earmark their support for the Summer Enrichment Program!